Hubspot Registration Integration Guide


HubSpot is a marketing platform that helps you optimize your website to convert prospects into paying customers. Zapier is a cloud based middleware that allows web developers to integrate two platforms that previously could not communicate.

This document will explain the basic setup for integrating HubSpot with your Webcast using Zapier. Once your registration form is filled out and submitted in HubSpot, that contact will be automatically delivered to your Webcast via Zapier.

HubSpot Setup

This Hubspot form will serve as the registration page for your Webcast. Data submitted on this form will pass to your Webcast's reports.

1. Create a new "Contacts" > "Form".

2. For testing purposes, setup the Form with the following fields:

a. Event ID
b. First Name
c. Last Name
d. Company Name
e. Email Address

Note: After a successful test, you can customize the integration to capture and pass additional Registration Fields to your Webcast.

3. The Event ID field should be pre-populated with the seven (7) digit Event ID for presentation where viewers will be registered. This Event ID field should also be hidden to prevents users from changing the value.

4. The Email Address field should be a required field as this field is required in order to submit a webcast registration.

5. Once complete, please proceed to the Zapier setup, which will take registration data submitted to HubSpot and deliver it directly into your Webcast event.

Zapier Setup

1. Create an account with Zapier (requires a Paid account).

2. Click "Make a New Zap!".

3. For the "Trigger App", choose "HubSpot".

4. For the "Trigger", choose "New Form Submission".

5. Connect your Hubspot account:
a. Enter the HubSpot ID for your account.
b. Click “Test” once the account is connected to confirm it is working.

6. On the "Set Up Options" step, select the HubSpot form previously created.

7. On the "Test this Step" step, test the setup to make sure HubSpot form submissions can be retrieved.
a. Requires a HubSpot form submission to be completed for data to successfully pass to Zapier.

8. For the "Action App", choose "Webhooks".

9. For the "Action", choose "POST".

10. In the URL field, add the URL below:{{Event ID}}&fname={{FirstName}}&lname={{LastName}}&company={{Company}}&email={{Email}}&pass=abcd001&tp_regconfemail=1

a. Each {{FIELD}} in the URL above should be automatically replaced with the corresponding HubSpot field. Please confirm these fields are mapped correctly. If fields need to be manually replaced, highlight the entire {{FIELD}} text and click the "Insert a Field" button (Hubspot) and choose the field you want to insert.

b. The underlined value in the URL above need to be updated to include your company's Client ID as the "pass" parameter. Contact Support to confirm the value you need to use for the “pass” parameter.

c. Once completed, the URL should look like the example below:


11. Name the Zap you created and toggle the Zap "On".

Test the Setup

Once the setup is complete, any submissions of the form should immediately appear in the Webcast reports. To test the setup, submit a sample registration through the new form.

1. In the Webcast platform, select the Webcast where data should be passing and choose the "Reports" button below.


2. In the Reports interface, choose the "Audience Details" report (default) and click "Run My Report". The report that displays will include any registration fields passed in the setup, but will have blank fields for any data that was not passed or is related to audience participation.


3. If all the data appears correct in the reports, no further action is needed. If some or all of the data is not received, review the Server Side Registration URL used in setup and confirm all fields have been correctly mapped.